Puget Sound Dalmatian Club
"Dedicated to responsible dog ownership and the welfare of the breed"

Puget Sound Dalmatian Club is a regional Club and member of
The Dalmatian Club of America.
Puget Sound Dalmatian Club is a non-profit organization of Dalmatian Fanciers. Our dogs are active in many types of competitions such as Obedience, Agility (obstacle course), Tracking and Conformation competition. Some of our dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club as Certified Companion Dogs (tested as gentle, companionable dogs). We are devoted to our breed and are anxious to inform you of all we can about Dalmatians. Please explore this site and see for yourself our love of these wonderful dogs.
PSDC Officers
President - Debbi Whitcombe
nVice President - Patty Gibson
Secretary - Janny McIntyre
Treasurer -  Nadine Morgan

Board of Directors
Ellen Tinseth, Kim McCabe, Liz Thompson

Breeder Referral - Ellen Tinseth